A Downtown morning in black and white. / by Chance Keso

One morning my class met in Downtown Spokane for a morning of photography. We met at the Rocket Bakery and Coffee shop then headed on our way around a small portion of Downtown Spokane. One of the first sights that caught my eye was a small parking area with kegs behind the fence.. I felt lucky to get this shot with the train passing by.

As we walked on I saw a fairly tall apartment building with such interesting repeating lines all the way up it. I couldn't help but stare at it. I found it funny that the only spot that the patterns were ever really interrupted were by a satellite dish on some curtains. 

One last photo I took was of a parking area with the sunlight beaming down into the area. It felt so cinematic when I first saw it, and it was my favorite photo from the morning spent wandering downtown. I could just imagine some sort scene being filmed there under the light that was there. 

I was going to end on the black and white photo but I had another version of this photo that I processed in Capture One to kind of have that more slightly cinematic feeling to the photo.