A walk around the SFCC Campus / by Chance Keso

The day started with arriving to school and heading to the classroom to hear my professor speak before heading off to take photographs around school. 

 After heading to class my professor spoke for a little while then sent us on our way go look for photos to make. For too long I have always focused on the big picture and this day I wanted to try to focus my attention to the smaller details around me..

One of the first photos I took was that of the snow with the rocks and one single leaf sitting there by itself. 

As I continued my walk I remember the art wall that is on campus. I have always really enjoyed it. Especially from a distance. For once I finally walked up to it and really looked it over and looking at the small details of the wall and the art on it. When I took a few photographs of it I wanted to try focus on the details and abstract qualities of it. 

Last but not least my personal favorite photo from the day showing the ice along one of the pathways of the campus. I personally liked this photo the most because I love the look of how ice forms in all different shapes and sizes, along with the reflections of the trees in it.